I don’t even know what to say about this one. Speaks for itself.

I don’t even know what to say about this one. Speaks for itself..

It appears that as long as Greg Greene was tied into crimes with Busch, that he wouldn’t have to pay for them either, but fortunately there were other crimes law enforcement could get him with. Do not believe that it was only H.L. Busch’s money backing son Chris, and do not think that it was either Busch/Greene who were behind this. They were homosexual paedophiles but OCCK took both boys & girls. It very much appears like Dean Corrl case in Houston Mass Murders a few years prior to the OCCK. He was making sex, torture, snuff videos for a paedophile network which was based in California. This is one of the most gruesome stories of child murder and most people do not even remember it, but it would of gone on long after and he may have never been caught if his own accomplices didn’t kill him. Houston P.D. knew this was all going on in the Heights but told parents these boys were all runaways. Dean Corrl’s murder is why all these children were found. Chris Busch & Gregory Greene seem like only accomplices to the OCCK, but probably were used more for an abduction than an actual murder. They never once stated of having fantasies killing boys, and do not believe that they really needed to. They were able to get away with most CSC’s so why would they need to kill anyone? If Busch & Greene were prosecuted in 1976 and had long sentences pending, could really see them killing their victims to keep them quiet, but three of OCCK victims were already recovered when Busch & Greene were at the height of their CSC’s. Somewhere, somehow, there was a killer manipulating the sexual urges of Busch & Greene in order to kill children. They were doing the abducting & raping (only boys) and a killer was doing the babysitting, bathing, and the final act of murder. This person probably has never had an interview with the OCCK Task Force & probably doesn’t have a record either. They probably have quite a bit of money & influence.

Highlights from the Transcript found in the FOIA Response by the MSP (Nos. 01123-01188; a 67-page transcript)

Highlights from the Transcript found in the FOIA Response by the MSP (Nos. 01123-01188; a 67-page transcript).

It appears that Mr. Wasser may be hiding more than just some info on Chris Busch. His comments about places “up north” seem to be referring more to the child paedophile network (Fox Island) that Busch, Greene, & countless others belonged to. His comments thirty years later are almost as bizarre as him holding onto “polygraph secret” for the same duration. There is a cohort of Francis Shelden, or at least an equal to his activities, a Dr. Morris Fraser of Ireland who had been busted in New York for child sex abuse (along with seven others). He looks so similar to the sketch of the suspect that was distributed after Timothy’s abduction/murder.

Stones–Who has them and who doesn’t

Stones–Who has them and who doesn’t.

What this means is that Birmingham P.D. was very negligent in Tim’s murder (could have prevented it). What is most disturbing is that MSP (OCCK Task Force) held back info on Pontiac LeMans to push a theory of a blue Gremlin your brother said was still parked behind Chatham Market and yet when phone calls came in warning of a sighting of a boy looking like Tim riding in a blue Gremlin, the Birmingham P.D. didn’t even take it serious. This only proves that MSP had truly believed in Pontiac LeMans being the vehicle and had all of the eight police districts thinking along these lines (at least as far as tip-lines), yet on the streets were still pulling blue Gremlins over because that was what they had sold the public on. It is really unfortunate that it was only for show (to the public), because this negligence most likely cost Tim his life…